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Welcome to Elect Mike Zweifel For Magisterial District Judge for Southern Lehigh, District Court 31-3-03. Mike thanks you for taking time out of your busy schedule to learn more about why Mike makes the perfect choice to be your Magisterial District Judge!

As a life-long resident of Southern Lehigh, Mike knows he shares the same experiences, beliefs and even the problems that come into our lives on a day to day basis. He will maintain the integrity of the District Court and while being tough on crime, he will apply the law evenly, fairly and properly for each case that comes before him.

Candidate Mike Zweifel asks for your support and of course your vote on Tuesday May 21st. Please contact Mike here for any questions, concerns and your offer to help Mike make the election a total success!

Thank you!
The Committee to Elect Mike Zweifel for MDJ